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Mergansar class
Type: Heavy Cruiser, Guided Weapon
Designation: CHG
Scale: Capital Warship
Designed by: CDMC & Lokkai
Built at: Nenawirth Yards, Kasputin Yar
Sim Status: Submitted for approval
Statistics & Specifications
Length: 551 meters
Landing Cap: No
Engines: ProThrust Idiom CR.4 Type II
Power Grid: Lantern
Crew: 1720
Accommodation: 300
Cargo Cap: 5000 metric tons
Consumables: 6 months
Hyperdrive: Primary- x2 | Backup- x12
Space Speed: 60
Manuverability: 2D
Sensors, Detection, & Ranging
Standard: 1600 | Focus: 50 | Passive: 400
Combat Capabilities
Hull: 1335
Shields: 216
Gunnery: 12 x Turbolaser batteries (twin)
10 x Ion Cannon batteries
12 x Quadlaser turrets
Launch Tubes: 6 x HOWLs
Tractor Beams: 4 x tractor beam projectors
Flight Operations
Hangar Space: 300
Craft: 6 x Z-100 Centurion
6 x Z-110 Hellion
2 x L-200 Halcyon
4 x L-202 Hellhawk
1 x C-706 Solus
Additional Resources
Full Stat Sheet: Available

The Mergansar-class cruiser is a heavy (role and armament) warship in the service of the Caspian Democratic Union. It epitomizes the modern Caspian Navy for its multi-role capability, its robustness, and powerful balance of offensive and defensive weaponry. While originally cast into the mold of battlewagon and carrier-group escort vessel, this class' role has been completely revamped by a much more strategically sound Caspian Crest (with Thomas Mahon at its head). Typical deployment now sees "Mergs" acting in a variety of roles from lead elements of task groups (such as Task Groups H or J) or as second-tier combatants when teamed with the new Admiral Roj-class battleships.

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Mergansar-class heavy cruiser
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