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Current Events
Server Status - Restored!

The game is back up, thank you all for your patience.

While the DNS record for may take a couple of days to propagate, you can reconnect to the game right away using the following site information in your client: port 4402

Ongoing Rise of the Bloodclaws

A new power is rising on the Trandoshan homeworld.

Kressk Bloodclaw has slain his rivals and absorbed their clans into his own confederation. Armed with high quality Merr-Sonn munitions and several frigates, the Bloodclaws are now one of the best supplied private armies in the galaxy and represent a credible rival to Blackscale dominance. Can a civil war be far away?

Meanwhile on neighboring Kashyyyk, entire communities bordering the Shadowlands have simply disappeared. With losses now exceeding fifteen thousand, the Wookiees turn to the Jedi Order for aid.

Contacts: Thel

28th May Liberation of Bothawui

Following months of brutal oppression under an Imperial crackdown, Bothawui has been liberated after a weeks long campaign by the New Republic.

The victory has not come without cost - thousands of Republic soldiers have died, purchasing freedom for the Bothans with their lives. The NRSC Deliverance was destroyed with only a handful of survivors, millions of citizens displaced from their homes and many hundreds of Bothans "relocated" by the sinister Imperial Security Bureau remain unaccounted for.

Contacts: Ambrosia (NR)

23rd May - 7th June Juuka the Hutt's Grand Party

It is the pleasure of Juuka the Magnificent, of a great and glorious Hutt lineage, to announce that two weeks of festivities will be held at his palace on Tatooine. Any and all who wish to call upon Juuka the mighty are welcome to present themselves at his palace. No one will be turned away regardless of what they believe or whom they serve. No fighting, save by the grace of Juuka the munificent, will be tolerated and breaches of this will be dealt with severely. The finest entertainment and the most generous hospitality will be shown to all who pay Juuka his proper respects.

 Contacts: Juuka

Ongoing Got a plot, scheduled open scene or event? Want it publicized here so people know about it? Shoot Thel an @mail in game.

Star Wars MUSH: A Galaxy Divided is set in the years following the events of Return of the Jedi and follows its own, unique, story line.

When the game went live in 1991, the Empire had fractured into warring fiefdoms, retreating into the outer rim while the Rebel Alliance established the New Republic, an unstable fledgling democracy with many challenges ahead.

Today, the year is 24 ABY. The galaxy once more toils beneath the Imperial boot heel, the New Republic driven to the brink of destruction. But the Empire is stagnating; fractious and divided it failed to deliver the killing blow and the Republic has begun to recover its strength.

Whether you choose to join the New Republic and fight for freedom, pledge yourself to the Galactic Empire and bring order to the galaxy, build a business empire in the Corporate Sector, develop culture on Caspar or carve out your own niche as an Independent there's a place for you.

For over twenty years, players on Star Wars MUSH have added their story lines to the Star Wars saga.

Why not join them?

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