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Imperial: The Neo-Imperial faction has established its headquarters on Bonadan and is secretly gathering military assets and political support.

New Republic:

Independent: Space Pirates have been heavily targeting the munitions shipments of Metron Consortium.

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Krackor Reincus is an independent smuggler and businessman who makes his living on the edge of the law, risking life and limb all in the name of adventure and, of course, credits.

Krackor Reincus was born on Tatooine into a family of moisture farmers. He had one younger brother. For the most part he had a great childhood, until he turned eight years old. During a trip to Mos Eisley, the family was separated as a sudden rush of people enveloped them. Krackor was bumped and knocked around for several minutes, losing all sense of direction and his family in the process.

When the dust settled, Krackor was all alone, save for the usual groups of beings that hang about on the streets. Not knowing where else to go, he wandered the town of Mos Eisley, trying to find his lost parents. For weeks he searched, resorting to thievery to survive in the harsh environments before finally, his luck changed.

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About the MUSH
Star Wars MUSH is set in the years following the events of Return of the Jedi and follows its own unique story line. When the game went live in 1991, the Empire had fractured into warring fiefdoms, retreating into the outer rim while the Rebel Alliance had established the New Republic, an unstable fledgling democracy with many challenges ahead.

Since then, a great deal has happened. Several Emperors have risen and fallen as as of 2014 the Empire is resurgent, ruling most of the galaxy with an iron fist, having driven the New Republic to the brink of destruction. But the Empire is stagnating and the Republic is recovering...

Join the New Republic and fight for freedom. Swear yourself to the Galactic Empire and bring order to the galaxy. Build a business empire in the Corporate Sector or develop culture on Caspar. Carve out your own niche as an Independent

For twenty years, players on Star Wars MUSH have added their story lines to the Star Wars saga.

So why not join them?

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