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"From this day forward, no longer are we to be known as what is left of the Galactic Empire, we are the Galactic Empire, and together we will rally to save the few who have strayed from the vision of the New Order and embraced chaos."

- Bacharan Valak, after his coronation

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Krackor Reincus is an independent smuggler and businessman who makes his living on the edge of the law, risking life and limb all in the name of adventure and, of course, credits.

Krackor Reincus was born on Tatooine into a family of moisture farmers. He had one younger brother. For the most part he had a great childhood, until he turned eight years old. During a trip to Mos Eisley, the family was separated as a sudden rush of people enveloped them. Krackor was bumped and knocked around for several minutes, losing all sense of direction and his family in the process.

When the dust settled, Krackor was all alone, save for the usual groups of beings that hang about on the streets. Not knowing where else to go, he wandered the town of Mos Eisley, trying to find his lost parents. For weeks he searched, resorting to thievery to survive in the harsh environments before finally, his luck changed.

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About the MUSH
Star Wars MUSH was founded in 1991 as the first Star Wars-themed MUSH. With the rebirth of Star Wars material brought upon by Timothy Zahn's new book trilogy, the MUSH took off and coursed its own path through the Star Wars legacy. It is a roleplaying game that started immediately after the end of the movies, although it has no reached its sixteenth year of story. The game is based on the West End Games roleplaying game series and its ruleset.

Players can participate in the Galactic Civil War on the side of good or evil, open a business in the Corporate Sector, develop cultural creativity on Caspar, or carve out their own niche as an independent, free to do what they will. Now in its sixteenth year of continuous story, people can join in on the fun by reading this handy guide to get started. This Wiki's goal is to chronicle the massive history of the MUSH, its story, characters, and events, as well as to provide a guide for new and old players alike to learn MUSH rules, roleplaying and combat rules, and more.

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