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Ship starship lonescout
Sienar Lone Scout-A
Type: Scout Vessel
Scale: Specialized Starfighter
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Sim Status: Coded; 110,000 credits
Statistics & Specifications
Length: 24 meters
Landing Cap: Yes
Crew: 1
Accommodation: 3
Cargo Cap: 150 metric tons
Consumables: 1 year
Hyperdrive: Primary- x2 | Backup- x15
Space Speed: 50
Manuverability: 0D
Sensors, Detection, & Ranging
Standard: 1200 | Focus: 50 | Passive: 300
Combat Capabilities
Hull: 138
Shields: 36
Gunnery: 1 x Laser Cannon
Launch Tubes:
Tractor Beams:
Additional Resources
Full Stat Sheet: Available

The Lone Scout-A was a scout starship produced by Sienar Fleet Systems as a civilian variant of their TIE Scout (under the subsidiary name "Sienar Ships"). It was designed to be operated by a crew of one, but could carry three passengers, and carried enough consumables for a full year of operation. The vessel was 24 meters long, and had space to carry 150 metric tons of cargo in its 60 cubic meter hold. It was equipped with a Class Two hyperdrive, shields, and a single laser cannon for defense.

Ship starship lonescout02

Rendering of Lone Scout-A

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