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Type: Armed Modular Sloop
Designation: FSM
Scale: Capital Warship
Designed by: SubPro
Built at: Victoria Drydocks, Caspar
Sloan Drydocks, Kichnar
Lansdowne Loch, Krittain
Nenawirth Yards, Kasputin Yar
Sim Status: Coded; 1,850,000 credits
Statistics & Specifications
Length: 130 meters
Landing Cap: Yes
Engines: Classified
Power Grid: Lionshare
Crew: 40-120
Accommodation: 80
Cargo Cap: 1200 metric tons
Consumables: 3 months
Hyperdrive: Primary- x1.5 | Backup- None
Space Speed: 80
Manuverability: 3D
Sensors, Detection, & Ranging
Standard: 1600 | Focus: 50 | Passive: 400
Combat Capabilities
Hull: 975
Shields: 162
Gunnery: 4 x Turbolaser turrets
10 x Heavy laser cannons
Launch Tubes:
Tractor Beams: 1 projector
Flight Operations
Hangar Space: 80
Craft: 1 x L-202 Hellhawk (standard)
Additional Resources
Full Stat Sheet: Available

The Lightning-class Sloop is a fast, multi-purpose vessel akin to the Corellian Corvette. It can be configured in a multitude of ways to suit different purposes ranging from fleet escort, raider pursuit, frontier picket, and troop transport to scientific research, fast courier duty, rapid cargo transit, and passenger liner. In practice, it's a very flexible, rugged design, and has found use in fields far from its original purpose. The Caspian Navy uses many of these in an armed and armored configuration for their purposes, while FineLine Spaceways utilizes a few as luxury liners for corporate contracts. Unfortunately, a few Lightnings have ended up in the hands of pirates over the years, managing reasonably successful careers as commerce raiders.

This is the vessel formerly known as the DSV or Deep Space Vehicle. This latest interpretation is far more technically and aesthetically correct.

Variants Edit

Despite its mercantile origin, the hull of the the Lightning-class has found use in a variety of roles, often of a more truly militaristic nature than the original. Examples include:

  • Type G (Patrol Sloop): Adds four auto-loading VOWL tubes in limited traverse mounts, each with up to 32 ready missiles and anti-blast magazines. The vessel also incorporates significant avionics enhancements to allow it to function in a CDU Navy battle formation (including specialized missile fire control sensors and combat networking systems for coordinating 'layered defense'). An auxiliary bridge was added to allow the vessel to fight on even if the main bridge was disabled, and ships of this class usually carry two L-202 shuttlecraft. Cargo capacity is reduced to 300 metric tonnes Also referred to as the Orca-class, in honor of the first such craft adopted into CDU Navy service. Type G/Orcas are used for commerce escort, picket, and patrol duties, with the designation SPG.
  • Type L (Fast Assault Sloop): Carries a Company-sized Quick Reaction Force of 120 Marines, plus supporting elements, with docking cradles for 6 L-202 Hellhawk combat shuttles, and a cluster of multi-purpose drop tubes (capable of deploying drop capsules, boarding pods, deadfall munitions, and decoys). This ship boasts mil-spec sensors, auxiliary bridge and applique kits of ablative armor. Cargo is reduced to 600 metric tonnes. These ships are noted for their spartan conditions. Also referred to as the Leyden-class, in honor of the first such ship in its series in the CDU Navy. Also referred to (tongue in cheek) as the "Dead Marine-class" as ships of this class tend to be named after CDU Marines (or occasionally those of the Barren Sector Fleet) who met a suitably heroic end. Theoretically, retired Marines who have won high honors might also have their names given to ships of this type. Type L/Leyden-class use the designation LPD in CDU Navy service.
  • Type P (Revenue Cutter)
  • Type Q (Covert Reconnaissance Sloop)

Lightning-class sloop
Casohav's Breath II | Caspian Queen | Crimson Lightning | Deus | Lionfang | Night Avenger | Wild Rose
(Type G)
CMKS Heaviside | CMS Hector | CMS Thresher
Numerous Others
(Type L)
CMS Sergeant Faraday | CMS Marine Captain Foy | CMS Sergeant Galloway
CMS Section Sergeant Gellert | CMS Major Leyden | CMS Private First Class Luala
CMS Lance Corporal Makovica | CMS Private First Class Montaine | CMS Corporal Noon
CMS Lieutenant Reannon Calder | CMS Gunnery Sergeant Triozzi
(Type P)
CMS Charlotte Batrad
(Type Q)
CMS Echo | CMS Electra | CMS Erinyes

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