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Born around 60 years prior to the infamous Battle of Endor, Lexington Atticus is older than the very Empire he is so deeply devoted to. During the dawn of Emperor Palpatine's reign, Atticus gained a notable reputation throughout the galaxy as an incredible Imperial pilot. After a severe accident, Atticus was unable to return to the cockpit and became a highly respected instructor within the Imperial Academy. There he passed on his experience with space combat, and began to study all forms of art, literature, and lore from the galaxy's many cultures.

Growing up on Coruscant as the son of a noble Senate Guard, Atticus witnessed first hand the corruption that saturated the once honorable Republic. He saw Palpatine bring forth the New Order and restore order from the chaos of the always squabbling and often selfish Senate. Such is the nature of his loyalty and his faith in the Empire. Those who have crossed his path know he is not a man motivated by greed or lust for power, but is driven by an all consuming thirst for peace and order. He is one of the few Imperial officers known for a pleasant trademark smile rather than an infamous cruel streak.

When Bacharan Valak took on the official title of Emperor, Lexington Atticus was given the opportunity to serve as the second in command of a special task force. He left his long career of Academy Instructor to take a more active role in the lives of young officers, seeing far too many of the new generation of the Empire fall to corruption in the absence of Emperor Palpatine. When his long time friend Thrax Daimien gave up command of the task force to take on the position of the Imperial Navy's commanding officer, Atticus gained the rank of Captain and stepped up to his first real command position.

Despite his age, Atticus maintained good health and his piloting skills. But his age prevented him from active combat duties, forcing him to choose between retirement, a desk job, or returning to the academy. He decided to return to his instructing roots, where he continued to train and influence the newest generations of Imperial pilots and officers.

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