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Lokkai/CASE L-202 Hellhawk
Type: Aerospace Assault, Lifter
Scale: Transport / Starfighter
Manufacturer: Lokkai - CASE
Sim Status: Coded; 150,000 credits
Statistics & Specifications
Length: 17.3 meters
Landing Cap: Yes
Crew: 2-4
Accommodation: 20
Cargo Cap: 50 metric tons
Consumables: 1 month
Hyperdrive: Primary- x2 | Backup- x15
Space Speed: 70
Manuverability: 2D+2
Sensors, Detection, & Ranging
Standard: 1000 | Focus: 30 | Passive: 300
Combat Capabilities
Hull: 154
Shields: 48
Gunnery: 2 x Anti-personnel lasers
1 x laser cannon turret
Launch Tubes: 2 x missile pods
Tractor Beams: None
Additional Resources
Full Stat Sheet: Available

The L-202 Hellhawk is a multi-role, aerospace combat vehicle designed, produced, and in use by the Caspian Democratic Union.

Overview Edit

As a much more capable replacement to the L-188 Lakshadwep, the L-202 Hellhawk finds employment in a multitude of roles throughout Caspian services. Most of the aerospace craft’s capabilities are predicated around a nimble and well-performing frame, tailored to being adaptable and operating from cruisers and frigates on frontier patrol. Nearly all starships in the Caspian fleet field this craft, in one variant or another.

Unlike her hangar-mate, the L-200 Halcyon, the L-202 was originally developed for shipboard use first, and evolved non-shipboard roles thereafter (albeit its short endurance greatly limits interstellar use). It has also represented itself well as an atmospheric vehicle, used even as a combat platform much akin to the Old Republic's LAAT-series craft. It can be said, though, that the Hellhawk is a much more capable space vehicle than the LAAT.

Besides the typical roles, the Hellhawk has been used as an electronics-jamming craft with fighter assault groups; as an insertion vehicle for Ranger or Marine teams; as an anti-raider, anti-mine craft; and as a Search & Rescue craft, plucking "jected" pilots out of the loneliness of the void. Because of these tasks, it has been outfit with a good range of weapons, and has two extra hardpoints to mount a variety of fighter-scale warheads and pods, most notably items associated with either augmenting sensors or defeating them.

More and more, solo or paired Hellhawks are being dispatched out to posts or loops just beyond the frontier of Union space. Since any wise opponent usually runs and hides from a patrolling Shearwater frigate or Lightning sloop, the Hellhawks employ a tactic of arriving on station, and then drifting at minimal power. They observe any suspicious activity, and if they encounter it, will either engage it or "tag" it.

Internal Layout Edit

A two-place cockpit is situated at the front, with the pilots seated side-by-side. A short crawl tube connects to a small compartment for use by the crew chiefs, with the Anti-personnel laser turrets affixed and accessible here, one to port and one to starboard. This brief space transitions into the main compartment. Three points of access exist here — the sliding doors on either side and the hatch with docking collar in the floor. When needed, the crawl tube between the cockpit and the aft compartments is sealed shut and two crew chiefs are able to operate in the vacuum of space. For craft integrity, though, the craft is typically sealed and pressurized when operating in space.

Everything in the main compartment is suited for modular load bearing or troop ferrying.

Behind the aft bulkhead are the engines and one of the primary fuel tanks.

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