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Kichnar Orbital Station
Principality: Caspian Democratic Union
Parent system: Caspia
Location: High orbit of Kichnar
Sim Status: Coded
Diameter: Unknown
Type: Mobile, no hyperdrive
Total Population: 5.15 million
Points of Interest: Blue Nebula Cantina
Nycad Stardock
Cason Hawk's Nest
Major Exports: Gas
Major Imports: Unknown
Hosted Industries: SubPro

Kichnar Orbital Station (or KOS) is a huge, multi-component station orbiting high in the tumultuous atmosphere of Kichnar. It was founded as prospecting platform, with a single test drill-shaft and meager facilities, and then evolved into a mining/harvesting rig, processor, way-station, and finally a bonafide city.

The station is constituted by several modules all bound together. Because of the chaotic, dangerous nature of Kichnar's atmospheric storms, the city is mobile — able to navigate, albeit slowly, to another region. For this reason, there are no hard connections between the famous Sloan Drydocks and shipbuilding facilities in higher orbit. Corporate and supply offices are located on the station, though.

The station-city acts as the capital of Kichnar's populace, which is divided between the station, the starwright facilities, and Kichnar's moons. The entire populated region is called Halona for senatorial/delegate purposes.

History Edit

Just A Drilling Hobby Edit

With the prospect of tapping into another source of marketable gases and substances, a small team of miners and technicians constructed a small, ad-hoc rig in low orbit over Kichnar. In no small feat, it would actually harvest gas and compress it, albeit in small amounts because of its limited, small-scale capacity. The rig was cyclically disabled by meteor showers and electrical storms, and rebuilt. Meteors were a near-constant threat to anything in this section of the system, as Kichnar is astride two major asteroid belts, as well as having hundreds of smaller satellites and four ring belts of its own. Numerous meteors are pulled down into the gas giant yearly, and the hailstorm-like proportions they arrive in wreak havoc. If this bombardment doesn't squelch a venture, then the electrical and wind storms that ravage the atmosphere certainly do.

Indeed, the Old Republic prospectors kept pressing on, building onto the ever-to-be-fixed rig as need demanded. When the galactic government changed hands in 19 BBY, business and routine just continued, albeit under "new management". Unlike Mergansar and Caspar, which incurred much more restrictive scrutiny than the virtually unpopulated gas giant, Kichnar did in fact benefit from Imperial presence. Frequently, engineering and technically-sound types on leave from the Imperial garrison at Groton, Caspar, would drop by to see how the rig was holding up, and what improvements could be made to it. Soon, the little makeshift rig was filling out into a much more capable, and surviveable, facility. Most of its structure was "appropriated material", scrounged or liberated from Imperial wares that were either surplus, unused, or "never missed".

Making It Worthwhile Edit

After fifteen years of work, the little rig had become a much more substantial waystation. There now was a top-of-the-line drilling system (reclaimed and imported from a damaged and written off station further out in the Outer Rim), as well as various other amenities.

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