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Kadgie Rodo was a Presav of the Caspian Democratic Union. She had been trained in medical practices, biochemistry, and hospital administration during the time of Imperial Occupation prior to the Battle of Yavin. Through the transition period, she studied and perfected her skills under the famed Doctor Tarquin, and was in a position to provide care and aid when Roj's Fleet arrived in 4 ABY.

Rodo and several other medical practitioners were asked to form part of the new Caspian Navy Medical Corps, wherein she was mentored, albeit briefly, by Orton Trissard. Trissard, no doubt, identified Rodo's Imperial education in medicine and did much to build her knowledge based off that foundation. She further acted as the Medical Facilities & Practices Administrator for the Navy, often visiting prominent warships or installations to review and improve the quality of care. Early in 6 ABY she was tapped by then-Presav Dusten to be her Minister of Health Services.

After Dusten resigned from the Presavship, the Union Assembly called for elections, and Rodo was nominated by several delegates and cabinet members, among them Dagny Bryant. Surprisingly, Kadgie Rodo won election primarily upon a platform of "taking care of the Union first". While this was greatly embraced by a great deal of the Caspian and Sarian populace, a substantial amount of dissent was harbored on Krittain and Rauther, the latter having just joined the Commonwealth based on Dunwell's and Dusten's established methodology. A great deal of negotiations precipitated over the following months and stability continued, but resentment still brooded. At the next opportunity the following year, a contingent of senators and delegates had successfully called for elections again and one of the Sarian senators encouraged Dusten to return for nomination and an eventual reclaiming of the Office of the Presav.

Rodo, greatly disappointed at the fallout of events, returned to the private sector and obscurity.

While Kadgie Rodo's term maintained stability, it has not been regarded as a particularly effective one in Union history. Several scholars now point to it, and its rather bland policies — most evident in foreign relations and military development — as being a contributing factor to the Union's lack of preparedness for the Caspian Annexation Campaign that would devastate the Union in 8 ABY.

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Presav of the Union
Preceded By:
Avalyshaar Dusten
7 ABY - 8 ABY
Kadgie Rodo
Succeeded By:
Avalyshaar Dusten

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