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Jonathan Webb
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19 BBY

Physical description

Human (Corulagi)




1.8 meters

Hair color

dark blonde

Eye color


Skin color


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Company CO


6th Company, 10th Line Marine Regiment



"You know... it has only recently occurred to me for the first time in nearly a decade that I just might live to be an old, old man. In the past I got into the habit of assuming that it was bloody well unlikely, when I thought about it. Most of the time, I just didn't care. The concept was so alien, that now that it seems possible, it seems to be a bit of a daunting prospect. Think about it. I have lived for a handful of decades, and yet I have done more in those few years (mostly the last fifteen of them) than the average man dreams of. I have lived in peace and war. I have crossed so much space, and visited more worlds than I can remember. I have bled, and I have shed blood. I have experienced profound joy, equal sorrow, and had moments where I just didn't have time to feel. I have lived my life in the full force of a raging current. It all seems like a drop in the bucket..."

Captain Jonathan Webb (19 BBY — ) commands 6th Company, 10th Line Marine Regiment of the CDU Marines. He has spent his adult life in armed service, and came to the CDU as a veteran of Admiral Roj's Barren Sector Fleet. He isn't particularly famous for anything, except for as part of an archtype. He has seen action in the Rebellion, in repulsing the Imperial invasion of Caspia in 8 ABY, and in myriad peacetime operations and incidents since. He is married to Shenneret Veery.

Biography Edit

Corulag Edit

"The most important thing about Corulag was that I left there. A few years later when we came back to hit the Imperial Navy Depot there, I think I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye as we were doing our EVA. It was just another blue ball in space then, and the station in front of me was just another target."

Webb was born in Curamelle, on the prosperous, vigorously pro-Palpatine world of Corulag. As luck would have it, he was born into a prosperous, vigorously pro-Palpatine family, and by all accounts should have been well-positioned to go far in Palpatine's Empire. His father was a prominent figure in Curamelle's business community, while his mother was one of the city's more vigorous socialites.

Webb's upbringing was largely unremarkable, if rather comfortable and strict. As a child he was bright, but quiet in a fashion which masked much of his intellect. He was insatiably curious and read prolifically, but seldom discussed his opinions of things. Likewise he was not prone to significant displays of emotion. This did not particularly trouble his parents, who were actually thankful that their son did not 'act up' like other children his age.

There was no cataclysmic event that drove Webb from this Utopian existence, no great outrage that fueled a hatred towards the Empire. Rather, he became inculcated over time with a hidden subversive streak, and a profound restlessness with his existence. It reached its breaking point not long after his seventeenth birthday, when he quietly vanished into the night, boarded a ship, and went to space for the first time.

The FleetEdit

"My original intention on leaving home was no intention at all. It was the simple product of too much reading and star-gazing, that one night Curamelle simply became too small, too stodgy, too narrow-minded. I didn't go to change the universe, just to see it - I was a tourist, not a crusader. If left to my own devices I probably would've just run out of money and things to do and went home. It was all for a chance encounter... and she made all the difference."

(To be continued)

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