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Jarl Rellik was an advisor to Emperor Bacharan Valak and one of the Emperor's warlords, and the father of Venus Darkstar.

Beginning his career as an engineer in the Empire, Jarl quickly worked his way up the hierachy, landing an important role in R&D shortly before Valak came to power. In 6 ABY, Rellik became one of Valak's most trusted advisors, and in 8 ABY was given command of a special Imperial task force and charged with conquering the Caspian Democratic Union.

Rellik led the Imperial side of operations during the Caspian Annexation Campaign, (known as the Imperial War of Aggression to the Caspians) but was ultimately forced to sign a truce with the Caspians after the war resulted in little gains for the Empire.

Rellik fell back into obscurity after his failure during the Caspian campaign, only to resurface in 10 ABY as an employee for FoxTech Industries. After Valak's departure from the galactic scene, Rellik fell into obscurity, but maintained his ties to the Imperial throne. He stayed on the Imperial Ruling Council as an adviser, sticking through the War of the Throne and further political unrests, surviving due to his close relation with Vassily Korolov. In 14 ABY, he informed Korolov of his discovery of TIE Avenger prototypes on Empress Teta, which would lead to the eventual production and deployment of Avengers by 17 ABY.

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