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Jamta Kisac
Homeworld Corellia
Species Human (Corellian)
Gender Male
Height 1.6 meters
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Slightly Tanned
Affiliation New Republic StarOps, Ghost Squadron
Callsigns Shields
Rank 1st Lieutenant
Position Ghost 5 (XO)
Station NRSD Crusader

Jamta Kisac was born on Corellia 23 years before the Battle of Endor. His childhood was as good as one could expect, raised by a middleclass family. His parents were very caring and supportive. He met his longtime friend Vyal just after starting elementary school and they became fast friends. His High School years were a bit tough for him, struggling with most of his studies. It was during High School that Jamta found his love of flying. Against his parent's wishes — they didn't like the idea but they supported him nonetheless — he dropped out of primer school and joined CorSec, to fly with their Sector Defense Division at the age of sixteen.

During his training, he had an unfortunate encounter with a nasty criminal in a Corellian club, that left a long scar running from the corner of his left eye down to his chin. For an unknown reason, bacta treatments haven't been able to remove the scar, which has puzzled both doctors and Medical Droids alike. Even if the bacta could remove the scar, he wouldn't want it removed, as it reminds him of the rookie mistake he made.

During his 9 years with CorSec he had a stellar career as a pilot defending Corellian Space. His talents behind the stick and outstanding performance in capturing unregistered pilots and ships earned him the Corellian Blood Stripes, one of only a few lucky individuals to ever earn the right to wear them without serving a day in the Corellian military.

After hearing about how Rogue Squadron helped take over Coruscant for the New Republic, he wanted to expand his piloting skills even more he up and retired from CorSec and went to join the New Republic and the famous Rogue Squadron.

While waiting for slots to open in the Rogues, Jamta was assigned as Ghost 8 and performed several missions in that role. A volatile meeting with the CO, left Jamta's hopes of being a Rogue dashed. Though having failed his dream he stayed on with the Ghosts eventually obtaining 1st Lieutenant and XO of Ghost Squadron under Johmac Mabru.

He then participated in the battle that would become known as the Second Battle of Etti IV and was one of three pilots to send torpedoes into the command bridge of the Conquerer.

Several months later, sickened by the lack of initiative from the New Republic Military and staggering losses, including the loss of NRSD Crusader, Jamta went AWOL shortly after squadron transfer to the Reprisal. He has not been seen since and presumed dead.

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