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Jamon 'Bullseye' Grendine
Biographical information


Physical description

Human (Coruscanti)




1.79 meters

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Skin color

white, fair

Political information





5th Naval Fighter Squadron



Jamon Grendine is a Human living on Caspar and is a member of the Caspian Navy's NAA.

Background Edit

Originally the son of a prominent Imperial Officer stationed on Coruscant. After years of physical and mental abuse, Jamon's mother left the Officer with the Empire's permission (Her having threatened to expose his nature, which would give the Empire a black eye.). She was allowed to go wherever she wished with the two children. So, she chose to emigrate to Caspia. Soon she met and married a good Sarian man named Dimitriu, a mild-mannered man, kind and hardworking. Fisherman by trade, though his real passion was loving this human woman and her two children. A good adopted father to Jamon and his brother Kamli, Dimitriu taught them to love and appreciate Caspia and it's neighboring worlds. Often taking them on trips to see the nearby planets to show them it's wonders. Kamli also fell in love with the sea and nature. But Jamon fell in love with space. The beauty of the stars. The majesty of looking down at a world in peaceful slumber. The thought of that peace and the drive to learn to fly drove him to become a starfighter pilot for the CDU military. His troubled childhood still disturbs his sleep at times. His mother was always open to them about their real father. But these truths only solidified a hatred for the Empire. He began to equate the pain of his youth to the Emperor and all his agents.

Were it not for his love and respect for his adopted homeworld he would likely have joined the New Republic.

Jamon went to Flight school in the Union and graduated with honors. He looked forward to a career in space, flying all manner of craft and defending his home. However due to a clerical error he spent his first 6 months of service as a clerk in the Flight School itself. Militaries being what they are, the error was corrected, but the process took time. Finally he was assigned to the CNFS-5 Hydras.

The young pilot has risen fairly quickly to the rank of Lieutenant. Earning the nickname 'Bullseye' from his comrades, he has become fast friends with his current CO, Commander Adam Shadow.

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