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Jal'Dana Rall
Biographical information



13 BBY

Physical description





1.67 meters

Hair color

Chestnut Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Political information



Naval High Command


HIMS Vindictive

  • Banshee (4ABY - 14ABY)
  • Vapor (Current)

Jal'Dana Rall is the commanding officer of the Star Destroyer Vindictive and serves as the primary Military Advisor to Lord Korolov. Having worked her way up for the TIE corps, she is still considered by many a fearsome fighter pilot. A brilliant strategist, she is quick-witted and known for her ability to command successfully without using fear as a motivator. Contrasted against this is her lack of political skill or diplomatic flare.


Background Edit

Growing up on Berchest Jal’Dana’s life would be filled with twists and turns. After a convoluted path would lead her into the service of the Empire, she would entered combat service in a TIE Interceptor with Alpha Squadron. Through loyal service she would make her way up the ranks to eventually become the XO of Alpha squadron, and she would never look back. She would serve in Special Operations, Recon and do a stint as a Government advisor. Leaving the Imperial Starfighter Corps she would rise to power in the Navy, though she would never lose her love of flying. She is a loyal member of COMPNOR and upholds the ideals of the New Order.

See Rall's Background

Current Deployment Edit

Selected to serve in the Admiralty, Jal’Dana continues to be an active commander. Not content to sit behind a desk, she has served on the CDU/Imperial border in a forward combat position. Her flagship remains an older, but battle-tested HIMS Vindictive, and while it is not attached to a battle group, it makes its presence known.

Medals and Awards Edit

See Rall's Medals and Awards

OOC Info Edit

Jal'Dana joined the MUSH in August of 2005, joining the Imperial Navy as a starfighter pilot. she rose through the ranks quickly, and in early in 2006 became a Naval Commander. In August of 2006, she left active military to serve as the Military Advisor to Lord Korolov. She would return to Naval service in late 2006 as a Line Captain to help shore up the Imperial Navy. She also serves as the Asst. Imperial Faction Head.

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