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Lt. General J. U. Sescikchat (NR StarOps, retired) is credited with being the father of A-Wing tactics for the Rebel Alliance and New Republic. He was a gifted test and combat pilot in the Rebel Starfighter Corps, and had flown R-22 Spearheads in prior operations. He took an immediate liking to the newest variation Jan Dodonna and Walex Blissex developed, and after only a few weeks of allowed time in the prototype, he had virtually written the manual on how best to implement it. Sescikchat deduced means on how to best maximize the positive aspects of the speedy interceptor and to minimize the negative.

Once the first A-Wings were being rolled out to squadrons, he went on a barnstorming tour, spending a week or two at a time to foster proper tactics and handling of the dynamic craft to the Corps. In some cases, he would identify pilots with real potential and talent that would best be utilized in an A-Wing, and not only worked with them on an individual basis, but would reassign them to specific units in order to get the most amount out of them.

He trained such pilots as Joshua Arands and Doron Rtufo, shaping their already well-founded skills into mastery of the A-Wing. It is a forgone conclusion that, if a pilot in the New Republic becomes a master of the A-Wing, he was either trained by a disciple of Sescikchat, or by the Lieutenant General himself.

Combatting a severe viral infection, Sescikchat was unable to participate in the Battle of Endor. Within a year, and feeling the aches of a long service record, he retired from the New Republic, and took a job in economics on his home planet. Not much has been heard of him since.

J U Sescikchat is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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