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This is a guide as to what a single Imperial fleet would consist of, broken down by ship class. The largest known fleet contained the upper limit of ships in each class. Each fleet could consist of several Task Forces to portion out forces of the fleet to different sectors. Usually a fleet would only be seen together in preperation or in a major attack/offensive. Forces could be reassigned/redeployed depending on the needs of the Empire.

Composition Edit

Star Dreadnoughts Edit

  • Four operational
  • Usually 1 per a fleet, if any

Star Destroyers Edit

Imperator class

  • 2-4 Mark I-class
  • 9-18 Mark II-class

Victory class

  • 10-21 Mark I-class
  • 3-6 Mark II-class

Republic class

  • 0-1 if applicable

Cruisers Edit

Heavy Cruisers

  • 25-49 Dreadnaughts
  • 8-15 Interdictors

Medium Cruisers

  • 8-16 Strike-class

Light Cruisers

  • 20-35 Carrack-class

Frigates, Corvettes, Pickets Edit


  • 10-20 Nebulon-B-class
  • 25-48 Lancer-class

Corvettes, Pickets

  • 15-34 Corellian-class
  • 8-16 Marauder-class
  • 25-50 Escort-class

Known Forces Edit

Task Forces

OOC Info Edit

For Fleet contact info, see MUSH Faction/Org Contacts.

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