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The Ghosts - "To The Very End."
Emblem milunit ghosts
Principality: New Republic
Designation: 4th Special StarOps Squadron (ESO-04), 99th New Republic Starfighter Operations Squadron (NRSO-99)
Base/Wing: Ord Mantell, 22nd Fighter Wing, Strike Group Alpha
Strength: 12 pilots
0 gunners
30 ground crew
Craft Used: X-Wing
Rating: Elite
Members of Merit
CAPT Johmac Mabru
FO Lance Corbet
2FO Ranma Hoshiakarui
COL Leo Corak

The Fourth Special StarOps Squadron, better known simply as Ghost Squadron or as The Ghosts, is an X-wing squadron stationed at the New Alderaan military garrison on Ord Mantell. The squadron is part of the 22nd Starfighter Wing in the New Republic Starfighter Corps, assigned to the New Republic Navy's Second Fleet. They are a three-tier squadron, with three different flights. The current Commanding Officer is Colonel Kel He'dorra, a Bothan male.

History Edit

The unit began life as the 99th New Republic StarOps Squadron, or the Galloping Ghosts (due to the resemblance between the 9 and G in Basic's Aurabesh writing), and performed well enough to be pulled off the line and reformed into an Elite squadron. The redesignation to 4th Special StarOps Squadron was in keeping to the new structure of Starfighter Operations.

The squadron was originally stationed aboard the NRSD Crusader, and was later transferred to the NRSD Reprisal before it was moved to Ord Mantell in 15 ABY.

Recent Events Edit

In the dying days of 17 ABY FC Ranma Hoshiakarui was promoted to First Lieutenant following her steady work and she was assigned as the assistant to the squadron's XO and leader of 2nd flight. Shortly after this, the squadron saw itself reassigned to the NRSC Rapier following its last station's demise at the Battle of Trandosha.

Unit Awards Edit

  • Awarded the New Republic's Ribbon of Freedom as a Squadron after the Second Battle of Etti IV. The original Ghosts nine through twelve received their awards posthumously.
"I would like everyone to get a look at these people. What they accomplished was nothing short of astonishing. While the battle raged about them, these brave individuals kept up a continued barrage on the command bridge of the HIMS Conqueror. Their efforts brought about it's eventual destruction. For skill and dedication above and beyond the call of duty, it is my pleasure to award each of you the Ribbon of Freedom."
— Princess Leia Organa-Solo at a recent award Ceremony aboard the Reprisal

The Ghost Squadron Song (Jingle) Edit

Oh, we're heroes of the night,
To hell with the Empire's might!
Fight, fight, fight, fighting Ninety-Ninth!
Down in flames they go!
Fighting men of the Ninety-ninth,
Send 'em down below!

This song was an original taking of the Tuskegee Airmen's Fightin' 99th Jingle, so all the praise needs to go to them for actually writing it. It's just tailored to the Squadron's use.

The Ghost Squadron Creed Edit

Nobody is quite sure about the origin of the Ghost credo. Nonetheless, it has become one of the most recent parts of the squadron's history. It is rumored that the former squadron commander, Major Johmac "Hammer" Mabru is the author of the creed.

It reads as follows:

I am a member of The New Republic's chosen few.
I will be swift, silent and invisible.
I will master the enemy.
I will destroy him before he destroys me.
I will protect my brothers, for they will protect me.
I will fight to the very end, so that others may live in peace.
I am a Ghost.

Flight Roster Edit

The following is the current roster of the Ghosts.

First Flight - The Banshees

  • Ghost One - Col Kel He'dorra, CO
  • Ghost Two - (open)
  • Ghost Three - (open)
  • Ghost Four - (open)

Second Flight - The Spectres

Third Flight - The Ghouls

  • Ghost Nine - (NPC)
  • Ghost Ten - (NPC)
  • Ghost Eleven - (NPC)
  • Ghost Twelve - (NPC)

Former and Fallen Ghosts Edit

  • Former Ghost Four/Six: 2LT. Latar "CYA" Zaff (Ret.) - Honorable Discharge 14 ABY, retirement from Republic Military service.
  • Fallen Ghost Leader: COL. Tyler "Fossil" Damion (MIA/Traitor) - Disappeared 13 ABY, resurfaced as Imperial Warlord and now known as Darth Malign.

Former Ghost Leaders Edit

  • COL. Altair Quila (Ret.) - Honorable Discharge, retirement from Republic Military service 12 ABY.
  • COL. Blaze Andael (Ret.) - Honorable Discharge, retirement from Republic Military service 8 ABY.

Combat History Edit

  • 420 sorties flown
  • 9 capital ship kills
  • 27 installations destroyed
  • 337 kills
  • 34 losses

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