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Connecting to Star Wars MUSH Edit

The first thing you'll need is a MUSH client. MUSH runs across a very old protocol called telnet, a MUSH client is third-party software that improves your experience and provides many useful functions. They are typically provided free of charge.

A list of clients can be found here.

There are no costs involved with playing on Star Wars MUSH.

Once you've installed the client, simply run the program and open a new connection. You'll need to input the site address and the port number 4402 when prompted.

Having done that, simply select the connection and you will connect to the MUSH

Creating a Character & Logging In Edit

To create a character, you must first log in with the guest account. type connect guest guest

Once connected, you will be able to create a character using register <name> <desired password> without the brackets.

You can now log-out of the guest account and log-in with your shiny new character using connect <name> <your password>

MUSH admins will never ask you for your password. Do not give it out.

Using MUSH Edit

Moving Around Edit

MUSH uses a series of connected 'rooms' called a 'grid' to represent different spaces. Moving between connected areas is as simple as typing the name of the corresponding exit, or its alias (contained between < >). Each room, object and player has a description which defines its purpose

Talking Edit

You can communicate with other players on Star Wars MUSH over the public, game-wide channels.

To see a list, type @chan/list

And join a channel by typing @chan/join <name>

Once you've joined a channel, simply type =<name> <message> (e.g. =new I'm new here!)

You can communicate privately with another player by paging them; page <player>=<message>

You can also speak OOC to people in the same location as you by typing OOC <message>

Roleplaying Edit

pose or : sends a message to everyone in your current location, beginning with your character's name. This allows you to describe the actions your character is taking

@emit performs the same function, but excludes your name. You can use this to set scenes or for stylistic reasons (though its still a good idea to given some indication of who wrote it)

As a matter of form, it is better to write your actions as a paragraph and waiting for other players to respond, rather than sending several short lines in quick succession.

You can read more about role-playing on MUSH here

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