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GSS Gabriel's Battle Ensign
GSS Gabriel
Class: Mako-class Battlecruiser
Launched: 11 ABY
Built at: AEC, Secret location
Principality: Griffon Alliance
Sim Status: Coded
Ops Status: Destroyed
Embarked Units
Flight: Fighter Squadrons-
Ground: Army Units-
  • SATs Light Platoon
  • 101st SATs Heavy Platoon

The GSS Gabriel was secretly built as one of three Mako-class battle cruisers by the remaining AEC Shipyards engineers who survived the loss of Pride-1. They were constructed to support the New Republic during its assault against the Third Death Star. During the fight, two were struck by the Death Star's superlaser, therefore rendering the GSS Gabriel the only Mako left in existence.

It went on to replace the GSS Harbinger as the flagship of the Griffon Alliance Navy, and led many successful assaults since. It hosts the core of the Griffon StarOps and the best of Griffon SATs, such as the Shadow Eagles squadron for fighter suppression, Beta squadron for bombardment, and the 101st SAT platoon for zero-G and ground operations.

During the Second Battle of Cochran, she was destroyed by concentrated Imperial fire while protecting several starships carrying VIPs from the Griffon and New Republic government and civilians.

Battles Edit

Attacking Side Edit

Defending Side Edit

Successive Commanders Edit

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