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GSS Black Eagle's Battle Ensign
GSS Black Eagle
Class: Victory-class Star Destroyer
Launched: 5 ABY
Built at: Rendili Stardrive
Principality: Griffon Alliance
Sim Status: Coded
Ops Status: Operational
Embarked Units
Flight: Fighter Squadrons-
  • Theta Stingray Squad
  • Gamma Stingray Squad
  • Upsilon Mantaray Squad
Ground: Army Units-
  • 26th Light SATs Platoon
  • 20th Heavy SATs Platoon

The GSS Black Eagle was purchased from CSA forces by the Griffon Alliance during their days of neutrality, in the year 5 ABY. It has almost always been dedicated to defence purposes, rarely seeing attack action. According to technical analysts, it is the second-most powerful warship the Griffons possess, only outclassed by the GSS Harbinger, which, for prestige reasons, conducts any and all offensive actions outside Griffon-controlled space. Thus, Black Eagle remained behind over Cochran for several years, "holding the fort" while the rest of the Griffon Military was off on campaigns.

Black Eagle is currently the flagship of the Griffon Second Fleet, whose duty is to protect Griffon planets at all costs.

Battles Edit

Attacking Side Edit


Defending Side Edit

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