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The Falcons
Principality: New Republic
Designation: 2nd Special StarOps Squadron
Base/Wing: Ord Mantell, 22nd Fighter Wing, Strike Group Alpha
Strength: 12 pilots
0 gunners
30 ground crew
Craft Used: A-Wing
Rating: Elite
Members of Merit
Col Leo Corak

The Second Special StarOps Squadron, better known simply as Falcon Squadron or as The Falcons, is an A-wing squadron attached to the New Alderaan military garrison at Ord Mantell. It is part of the 22nd Starfighter Wing in the New Republic Starfighter Corps. The Commanding Officer is Colonel Leo Corak, a human male.

History Edit

The squadron was stationed aboard NRSD Crusader before being transferred to the flagship of the New Republic Navy's Second Fleet, the NRSD Reprisal. It was later moved to Ord Mantell in 15 ABY.

Recent Events Edit

Falcon Squadron was called to recon service before the eruption of the Second Battle of Nar Shaddaa near the end of 15 ABY.

Most recently, Falcon Squadron did forward observation and capital ship defense at the infamous Dathomir Raid in the year of 16 ABY.

Unit Awards Edit

Flight Roster Edit

First Flight

  • Falcon One - Col Leo Corak, CO
  • Falcon Two - (open)
  • Falcon Three - (open)
  • Falcon Four - (open)

Second Flight

Third Flight

  • Falcon Nine - (NPC)
  • Falcon Ten - (NPC)
  • Falcon Eleven - (NPC)
  • Falcon Twelve - (NPC)

Combat History Edit

  • 468 sorties flown
  • 1 capital ship kills
  • 2 installations destroyed
  • 398 kills
  • 26 losses

Command History Edit

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