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The Firecats
Fc patch
Principality: New Republic
Designation: Forward Strike Team (FST-01)
Base/Wing: OS Paladin
Strength: 10 pilots
Unspecified gunners
120 ground crew
Craft Used: X-wing, Y-wing,
Corellian Gunship
Rating: Elite
Members of Merit
Brig. Gen. Ikihsa Enb'Zik
Lt. Col. Snal'Fashtalli
Lt. Col. Shau'ri Vizjerei
Lt. Brandis Finian
C.A. Rook Barnsdale (Civilian Adjunct)
1Lt. Syyvos Rintari
Cbt. Off. Wodan Modalu
Cadet Ekodet

The Firecats were created as an experimental squadron to determine whether the New Republic would find more combat success by returning to the use of rebellion-era tactics against the Empire. The squadron, along with other Forward Strike Teams, operates outside the main Republic fleet and reports directly to the Chief of State.

They are a joint task force, drawing team members from Fleet Operations, Ground Operations, Starfighter Operations, and even civilian sources. All team members are expected to cross-train and gain proficiency in areas outside their own expertise. Those who were once pilots only learn to fight on the ground and drive ground vehicles, and former marines learn basic combat piloting and gunnery. All team members train to reach their maximum individual levels of proficiency in every area possible.

The Forward Strike Team mission profile is to disrupt Imperial operations by attacking their infrastructure, withdrawing when the mission is complete or when overwhelming enemy reinforcements arrive. This includes attacking convoys to appropriate supplies, destroying outposts, freeing enslaved sentients, and sabotaging financial resources.

NPC Crewmembers Edit

Bridge Crew
Captain Thero Muir, Human Male, 51 standard years
NRGS Forge of Hope, Commanding Officer

Commander Timothy Citta, Human Male, 38 standard years
NRGS Forge of Hope, Executive Officer

Lieutenant Rek Hud, Duro Male, 27 standard years
NRGS Forge of Hope, Navigator

Lieutenant Commander Ralraddik, Wookiee Female, 247 standard years
NRGS Forge of Hope, Tactical and Scanning Officer

Lieutenant Alzos-Oran, Nelvaan Male, 33 standard years
NRGS Forge of Hope, Communications Officer and Flight Control

Other Officers
Lieutenant Commander Amira, Mon Calamari Female, 43 standard years
NRGS Forge of Hope, Chief Engineer

The Firecats Squadron Crest Edit

The squadron crest for FST-01 contains symbolism to reflect various aspects of the team and how it operates. Its primary elements are the firecat animal, compass rose, planetscape and starfield.

The firecat is a feline which many animal behavioralists agree is most dangerous after it has been wounded. The circumstances under which the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic have always fought best have been those most desperate ones, reflected in the patch by the feline's defensive but fierce posture, ready and unafraid to attack. The color white represents the benevolence of protecting those who cannot protect themselves, and the wisdom of carefully choosing targets.

The compass rose represents three things. The four large points indicate the squadron's operation at all points of the compass - New Republic territory or Imperial. The four intermediate points symbolize the joint nature of the squadron, and its members from Fleet Operationss, Ground Operations, Starfighter Operations, and the Civilian ranks. The sixteen red points represent the members of the squadron's command crew.

Finally, the planetscape and starfield show that the Firecats fight equally on ground or among the stars, serving (again) anywhere they are needed. The green of the trees represents life, and by extension, every sentient in the galaxy that deserves protection and an even playing field, whether human or not.

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