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Noble of spirit and fiercely loyal to her homeworld, Elana Tracer began as a simple tomboy with a rough, though not overly tragic, beginning who just wanted to be a pilot. She later evolved into a capable warrior, an example to her peers, and a faithful friend. Holding her own in a galaxy much more sophisticated than she began her life, she managed to forge relationships with some of the more powerful sentients in the galaxy and yet for a long time retained her honest, self-effacing manner.

Biography Edit

Military Career Edit

Working her way up the ranks of the Caspian Marine Aerospace Division, this top A-wing pilot was given a field promotion during the Imperial War of Aggression and appointed Commander of the 3rd Fleet's fighter wings following Joshua Arands departure, transferring her commission to the NAA. Prior to that she acted in many missions, one of which caught the attention of the Tsaren Joir, Lord Jarl Rellik and the Imperial BofO and for a while she was held as their prisoner, only to be released as an example before the brief but deadly Imperial Occupation of Caspar. She helped lead the fleet's return and became a well-known hero of the retaking of Caspia. To those close to her, it appeared however that the war marked the loss of not only her innocence, but also her sense of well-being.

Racing & Civilian Life Edit

Outside her military career, she achieved galactic press as the story of her affair with the wealthy Sarian FLS CEO Benjamin Jawatha, whom she later married, was splashed across the tabloids in an attempt to defame him due to her lack of social standing and rough attitude. She was also known to have a close association with the well-known business man and playboy Troy McTavish for whom she began racing swoops to some noteriety as a competitor. For some reason whenever she lost her temper in public, IGNews picked it up if possible and broadcast it. As is often the case, those who gain powerful friends also can make powerful enemies and Elana Tracer was never an exception.

Politics Edit

Elana Tracer eventually became the Presav of the CDU, although met massive controversy when she caved in to the Imperial Proclamation of Annexation of 14 ABY. Even though the Assembly defeated the measure when it was presented, Presav Tracer retained the document, and signed it for unknown reasons. Several Delegates and a pair of Senators called for a countervote, a rare occurrence in Caspian history, and that refuted her action. Promptly after, events were set in motion to have her removed from office.

Tracer's player's personal site for Tracer with a more complete biography and several years of RP logs is at

Presav of the Union
Preceded By:
Salonika Batrad
13 ABY - 14 ABY
Elana Tracer
Succeeded By:
Thomas Mahon

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