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Dyne Haederfeld was an Imperial naval officer and future admiral and commander of the third Death Star.

Biography Edit

Early Career Edit

Haederfeld was first assigned to the Star Destroyer Emperor Valak, the flagship of Admiral Airion Cimber's fleet. He was eventually transferred to the Malevolent, initially serving as chief of security.

Incident on Corellia Edit

Dyne was involved in a rather minor incident on Corellia, involving none other than a Sith Lord. Performing an undercover mission by the orders of Admiral Cimber and Captain Oppenhiemer, Dyne was tasked with gathering some rather basic intelligence. While at the Cantina, he witnessed Morganna Tazecks get into a scrap with one of the locals. Acting out in his cover as a spacer, he fired at the man several times, missing all of them before finally getting a lucky shot off.

In response, he was thrown against the wall, and subsequently shot himself. With these rather minor injuries, Dyne returned to the Imperial Fleet to inform Admiral Cimber and Captain Oppenhiemer on the events that transpired upon Corellia.

Death Edit

Dyne Haederfeld, an admiral, was assigned to command the third Death Star, which soon found itself the victim of a rebel attack in the remains of Sluis Van, culminating in the epic Third Battle of Sluis Van. Haederfeld, stubborn, refused to abandon his post, going down with the Death Star alongside Moff Devron Nuleshek.

OOC Info Edit

Dyne Haederfeld was the precursor character to Kendal Osbourne. During the period where the MUSH Administration was looking to replace the current Imperial faction administration (Valak) with fresh blood, the characters of Dyne and Devron were offered the job and accepted, but wanted to do something fresh with their characters, and thus the characters of Osbourne and Tlaknot Dakar were born out of the deaths of Dyne and Devron.