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Detjin is a bounty hunter, hailing from his home world of Rodia. He considers himself true to the art of the hunt, and makes a meticulous effort to maintain his self-set standards of high degree. Of simple beginnings, Detjin has slowly been earning his much feared reputation through the years.

In the Rodian tradition, this hunter has no respect for any kind of all-encompassing authority, valuing only his opinion of himself. He lives as he hunts simply, and efficiently. Often turning away a high credit bounty in favor of something more challenging, the greatest prize to be had is success, in this hunter’s mind.

His dark trade has taken him far and wide, throughout the outer rim systems from the sandy plains of Tatooine to the lush woods of Kashyyyk, to the technological-urban paradise Coruscant. Unafraid to take any and all measures to ensure a caught bounty, Detjin frequently makes use of beings he finds himself in the company of to better seek out and draw out his prey. He is above the petty morals of humans and their ilk, for to obey them would cost him his prized efficiency, at which point his cause is lost. With active clientele as diverse as small arms dealers to mighty conglomerates such as the Empire, Detjin is as much sought after and revered as he is feared and suspected.

The bounty hunter has tasted the unfettered store of power confined in the Force’s dark side, but through fate his sense of it was taken from him leaving him, as he perceives it, stronger and wiser than he was before. Now perhaps more refined, more honed toward his 'art', Detjin continues stalking bounties, striking fear into the hearts of those he chooses, and those who cross him, with a horrifically dutiful sense of purpose.

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