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Homeworld: Dar'bukkai
System: Unknown
Height: 1.6 – 1.8 meters
Skill Min. Max.

Darians were a mysterious feline species from a world only known to a select few Imperial officers. They were humanoid in manner, similar to Togorians and Horansi, but with a rare ability to alter their appearance for short periods of time. They possess similar height and weight to Humans.

Much more secretive and elusive than their bretheren species, they keep to themselves on Dar'bukkai. Their language was challenging for most other beings to grasp, since it was rather elaborate and "liquid" – only a few translators were trained in its use. The manner of their stealthiness and ability to change appearance was of interest to the Emperor, who employed a few of them on special missions much like how Noghris were used.

Sighting of these cats outside of Dar'bukkai was exceptionally rare. Rumor has it that they were already in limited numbers before Imperial agents found Dar'bukkai, and all information regarding Darians indicates that the species is now extinct.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Darians were a completely unique species, and only found within the MUSH.

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