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Dannan Rtufo is the oldest of the three Rtufo children from New Cov. When she attended a Galactic University, she fell in with a group of free-thinking radicals. Initially attracted by one of the male members of the group, she eventually became a devoted participant in the group, quietly trying to usurp the standard, the norm, the established. Their fly-by-night activities included information malignment, tapping, anti-establishment highjinks, corporate espionage and defaming, idea theft, and anonymous, underground protest to the local governments.

They became more and more of an annoyance to these governments, and eventually came under the scrutiny of Imperial officers, called in by law enforcement agents who were unable to keep up with the group's fast pace of antics. At one juncture, the group broke into a research lab in the pursuit of trade secrets and left with the entire dataplan of an Imperial weapon of terror... and wiped the databank clean. This brought the attention of Imperial Intelligence, which put one of their better agents onto the case. In one fateful encounter, the group was cornered in the act, and the Imperial Intel agent ended up face down in a pool of his own blood. Holovisual recordings of the facilities this event occured in revealed the identities of six of the twenty group members. Dannan Rtufo's face streaking past the lens is clearly visible.

Imperial commando squads are now after the group, both to eradicate them and their secret, and to bring justice to an Imperial officer's death. Three of the six identified are dead — only Dannan Rtufo and Gorchda Vu Nagel are known to be still at large whereas Resh "Racer" Traideo's whereabouts are completely unknown. In recent times, certain elements of New Republic Research and Development labs would like to talk to Dannan and Gorchda about the Imperial secret that they know. Dannan's last known sighting was on Caspar, and thus, her youngest sibling, Doron, traced her there...

Dannan Rtufo is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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