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Danik Kreldin has served in two galactic militaries, the Old Republic Navy and the Imperial Navy, for over thirty years. He has the unusual distinction of being at nearly every major battle throughout the Galactic Civil War and numerous battles throughout the Clone Wars. As of 14 ABY, he is the most decorated Imperial in history.

Medals Edit

  • Legion of Honor /w 2 clusters
  • Cross of Valor /w 2 clusters
  • Order of Liberation /w 2 clusters
  • Navy Cross /w 4 Clusters
  • Order of Ishin-Il-Raz
  • Distinguished Service Medal /w Silver Star
  • Silver Star /w 2 Clusters
  • Nova Cross /w 1 Silver Star and 1 Cluster
  • Blizzard Cross
  • Bronze Star /w 2 Clusters
  • Star of Canis /w 3 Clusters
  • Long Service Medal /w 3 Gold Stars and 1 Silver Star
  • Star of Cimber /w 4 Clusters
  • Tarkin Medallion /w 4 Clusters
  • Medal of Loyalty /w 1 Silver Star and 1 Cluster
  • Good Conduct Medal /w 2 Gold Stars
  • Medal of Guile
  • Medal of Order
  • Medal of Redemption
  • Clone Wars Victory Medal
  • Galactic Civil War Medal
  • Imperial Civil War Victory Medal
  • Second Imperial Civil War Victory Medal
  • Third Imperial Civil War Victory Medal
  • Imperial Center Liberation Medal
  • Death Star Memorial Medal
  • Death Star II Memorial Medal
  • Death Star III Memorial Medal
  • Early Campaigns Medal
  • Rebellion Campaigns Medal
  • Valak Campaign Medal
  • Blitzkrieg Campaign Medal
  • Coruscant Campaign Medal
  • Sluis Van Medal
  • Hafan Uprising Victory Medal
  • Pride-1 Campaign Medal
  • Caspian Campaign Medal
  • Griffon Campaign Medal
  • Occupation of Chandrila Medal
  • Sullust Occupation Medal

Ribbons Edit

  • FleetOps Ribbon /w 5 Stars of Distinction
  • CombatOps Ribbon /w 3 Stars of Distinction
  • FighterOps Ribbon /w 5 Stars of Distinction
  • SpecialOps Ribbon /w 3 Stars of Distinction
  • Home Guard / Customs Ribbon
  • Academy Service Ribbon
  • Death Star Service Ribbon
  • Death Squadron Service Ribbon
  • Emperor's Pride Service Ribbon
  • R&D Service Ribbon
  • Black Stars Service Ribbon
  • Master Marksman Ribbon
  • Ace Pilot Ribbon
  • Core Worlds Service Ribbon
  • Inner Rim Service Ribbon
  • Outer Rim Service Ribbon
  • Fall of Coruscant Ribbon
  • Campaign of Year 31 Ribbon
  • Corellian Service Ribbon
  • Kappa Campaign Ribbon
  • Caspian Operation Ribbon
  • Etti IV Ribbon
  • Bespin Service Ribbon
  • Mutanda Expedition Ribbon
  • Kashyyyk Liberation Ribbon
  • V'ez-Tcha Campaign Ribbon
  • Defense of Kessel Ribbon
  • Defense of Tatooine Ribbon
  • Yaartsek Suppression Ribbon

See Also Edit

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