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Crysessium : krih-SÉH-see-uhm

A gelatinous fluid developed by the Verpine in the Roche Asteroids for use as coolant in their starcraft, most notably, the B-Wing starfighter. Chemists at CDMC discovered that Crysessium could also be used as a fuel if it was heated up to a critical temperature. Otherwise, at normal, colder temperatures, it remained inert and would not be ignited if struck by laser or projectile fire. Thus, it was paired up with the new ProThrust Gka-39 Ascension engine in the Z-100 Centurion. It is stored cold in the fuel tanks, cycled around the engine in an intricate loop to act as a coolant, takes on enough heat to bring it to critical temperature, then is ignited for propulsion.

The use of this particular fuel not only allows the Centurion to survive severe battle damage without catastrophic failure or explosion, but also gives the fighter an exceptional range. However, it does limit its combat readiness. The Centurion has to be kept warmed up, or "battle ready", as much as possible, since a "cold start" of the engine is nearly impossible without a primer or generator to assist in ignition. Caspian pilots have to be careful, too, not to run out of fuel, otherwise the engine will seize up and may require engine replacement.

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