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The credit is the main currency used in the galaxy. The Republic credit was the principal credit used from the inception of the Galactic Republic until the rise of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. With the galaxy now splintered, there are three main forms of currency in use - the Galactic Empire utilizes the Imperial Credit, the New Republic the New Republic Credit, and the rest of the galaxy uses the Standard Galactic Credit, although the latter is widely used by citizens of both major governments as it provides a steady and safe form of currency. There remain other forms of currency in use by the smaller galactic organizations.

The value of each currency depends of many factors, including their economic position, their status in the Galactic Civil War, and many more. With the conclusion of the Imperial Blitzkrieg and the capture of Coruscant in 14 ABY, the Imperial Credit has become the most valuable form of currency.

One tenth of a credit is called a decicred.



A credit chip

Since its inception, the credit was always a physical currency with both coins and bills being printed. Later, during the height of the Galactic Republic, credit chips became popular. When the Galactic Empire was nearing its end, physical currency regained a gush of popularity because no one knew which side would win out, and they did not want their credit chips to be suddenly worthless. Credit chips, however are back in use, and considered a standard in galactic economy.


There exist several several forms of credits.

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