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Once you have created an account and logged in to the game, it is time to start creating your character.

There're several playable factions to choose from, each offering their own unique opportunities:

The Galactic Empire Edit

The fascist Galactic Empire controls most of the known galaxy, but is divided between powerful warlords and moffs who the Emperor struggles to control. Player characters belong to a secret political faction which plans to install a new Emperor and bring the squabbling factions into line.

The New Republic Edit

Since the Battle of Endor twenty years ago, the New Republic has suffered greatly. Most recently pushed to the very fringes of the galaxy the Empire's internal struggles have afforded it the respite needed to recover and re-arm.

Independents Edit

Independent Characters represent all those who operate outside of the state business of the two main galactic governments. They offer the most freedom, but also demand the most work from their players. The galaxy is yours, but nobody is going to hand it to you! You'll have to get out there and take it for yourself!

  • Independent players will suit self-starters who're confident in their ability to get out into the galaxy, find, and create their own role play!
    • Bounty Hunters
    • Smugglers
    • Pirates
    • Crime Lords
    • Free Traders
    • 'Legitimate Business-beings'
    • Literally everything else...

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