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The Corellian Run was a major hyperspace route running through the galaxy, mapped between 25,000 BBY and 24,000 BBY. It began at Coruscant, going around the Deep Core to reach Corellia, where the Corellian Trade Spine branched off. From Corellia, it proceeded to Nubia, its final stop in the Core Worlds before it traversed the other major regions of the galaxy. It ended near the distant Outer Rim worlds of Rothana and Lamaredd.

Along with the famed Perlemian Trade Route, it defined the region of the galaxy nicknamed The Slice.

OriginSystems, Planets, Features on RouteTermination
CoruscantCorellia, Froz, Nubia, Kalarba, Druckenwell, Doldur, GeonosisRothana

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