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One of the three largest starship manufacturers in the known galaxy, the Corellian Engineering Corporation (CEC) is reputed to produce some of the best-designed ships available on the market.

CEC is based out of Coronet City on Corellia, with its own space station and production drydocks orbiting the planet. The space station is the main starship manufacturing plant for the company, with some of the industry's top starship engineers and designers in its employment. The company's YT and YV class freighters and action transports are some of the most successful civilian designs, particularly the corvette and gunships.

CEC ships are a favorite of merchants everywhere. Instead of trying to fill every need of every customer, an impossible task, CEC ships are instead made to be easily customized so that a customer can simply modify his or her ship to fulfill his or her unique needs.

CEC Ships for a list of ships produced by the CEC.

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