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Alien snp chadrafan
Chadra Fan
Homeworld: Chad
System: Chadra System
Height: 1 meter
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 2D+0 4D+0
Knowledge 1D+0 3D+0
Mechanical 2D+1 4D+1
Perception 2D+0 5D+0
Strength 1D+0 2D+1
Technical 2D+0 4D+0

The small, quick witted inhabitants of Chadra, the Chadra-Fan, resemble humanoid rodents, with large ears, dark eyes, and flat, circular noses with four nostrils.

Background Information Edit

The fur-covered, rodent-like Chadra-Fan have seven senses. In addition to the five shared by most intelligent species, they are also blessed with infrared sight and an advanced chemoreceptive smell. These small, one meter tall beings love to have fun. They tend to be flighty and have short attention spans, though they enjoy tinkering with technological items, often taking them apart and "improving" them.

The primary planet in the Chad system, and fourth from the star Chad, is the homeworld of the Chadra-Fan race. The planet's environment is mainly based on water, with a few mountains and swamps thrown in for good measure. This makes the planet generally inhospitable. During a great storm, the planet was rocked with tectonic shifting, and a series of Great Waves swept the life from the swamps. This nearly destroyed the planet's primary native race, the Chadra-Fan, but they managed to survive in the mountains. The Chadra-Fan histories document at least five Great Waves, the last of which struck just ten years before the Battle of Yavin.

Chadra is a planet of rolling hills and farmland, and supports an extensive dairy industry. It has 9 moons which continually pull tides in a complex swirl of currents around the planet. The average day on Chad lasts 20 standard hours, and its year encompasses 380 local days.

Special Sense Edit

Chadra-Fan have such refined senses of hearing that they can use their own high-pitched voices as a sort of echo-location or "sonar". By making a high- pitched squeak and then listening for echoes, a Chadra-Fan can roughly pick out his or her physical surroundings, even in total darkness, but this cannot be done without giving away the Chadra-Fan's own location. This can be used to navigate in darkness, but it does not give detailed information about objects detected.

For instance, a Chadra-Fan can be placed in a darkened room, and can tell that he is in a room roughly 10 meters cubed, with several large crate-sized obstructions, and that a Medium-sized humanoid is standing in front of him. He could perhaps guess whether or not the humanoid in question is wearing hard armor (as it would reflect sound differently), but he cannot pick out facial features, and he certainly can't determine things such as coloration with echo-location.

Known Chadra-Fan Edit

Additional Sources Edit

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