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Mentioned often in galactic conversation, The Crest is a casual moniker for the governmental entity Dergan Roj established 4 years after the Battle of Yavin (4 ABY). It can best be defined as the Office of the Presav (president), the Assembly, the Department of Diplomacy, the Commissioner of Commerce, and their law enforcement agencies.

In essence, the Crest is the law, and the law is the Crest. Because Caspia is so diverse, both imbibed from the outside, offworld influence and from its Sarian foundation, there needs to exist an entity that unifies the diversity. The Crest fills that role.

Notes Edit

  • Saying The Crest is akin to saying "The White House" or "10 Downing Street", or pledging alliegence to "the flag", or representing, in a Star Wars sense, the Republic. It is not a physical entity, but a symbolic summation of all the unified components.

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