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CMS Typhoon's Battle Ensign
CMS Typhoon
Class: Hurricane-class Fleet Carrier
Launched: 6 ABY
Built at: Sloan Drydocks, Kichnar
Principality: Caspian Democratic Union
Sim Status: Coded
Ops Status: Operational
Embarked Units
Notaries: Ernest Pallando
Salonika Batrad
Camrath Kizuka
Kadgie Rodo
Flight: Combat Squadrons
Lifter Units

Easily the most decorated ship in the Caspian Navy, the carrier Typhoon (CFC-03) is the epitome of a Caspian warship — tough, multi-purpose, and dependable.

The ship is the third of the Hurricane family, but shares only basic form and function with her sisters. She supports and projects over one hundred fighters and some three dozen lifter craft, shuttles, and transports. Her mission profile can be adapted from standard space superiority operations to planetary assault platform rather easily, and because of her flight-deck and related compartments, can transport a ground and aerospace force large enough to garrison most installations. She also has good combat durability and on-average speed and handling characteristics.

Typhoon, like her sisters, is so named for the storms that seethe through Caspar with great regularity.

Origins Edit

Typhoon was built in 6 ABY at Sloan Drydocks, and was launched at the close of the year to much fanfare. She immediately underwent star trials near Tairoa, a remote location within Union space where she could be put through her paces. Her aerospace wing arrived in early 7 ABY, and she was promptly deployed to Rauther to act as the flagship of patrol operations in that section of Union space. She was unable to travel during the Yavin Plague, but after that, conducted several tours of New Republic and independent star systems throughout the region.

Tours Edit

War & Exodus Edit

Hurricane-class fleet carrier
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