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CMS Tempest (CFC-02) is a Hurricane-class Fleet Carrier in the Caspian Navy, and served as a "roving ambassador" for several years. Unlike her two more famous siblings, Hurricane and Typhoon, the carrier is shorter by ten meters, narrower by two, and has a different internal layout. Flight operations are also conducted slightly different, and assault and transport capabilities are bolstered.

The Second Zealot Wars were in full swing when Tempest was being completed, and due to some influential factors, the capacity to conduct operations as an assault carrier was brought to the forefront.

This additional, different arrangement in Tempest's design presented a crux to the Admiralty. Some viewed her as a supplemental carrier, suited to accompanying a battlegroup to act as the group's assault hub. Others viewed her as the flagship of a task-specific assault group, leading several dozen assault & landing ships. In the time following the Caspian Annexation Campaign, the ship was refit to solidify her role as a fleet carrier while her class sister, Turbulent, became a more role-specific planetary-operations carrier.

Hurricane-class fleet carrier
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