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A combined force unit of the Caspian Defence Force, comprising vessels of the Caspian, Krittish, and Yari navies. The First Fleet was commissioned in the second year of The Crest, and its sponsor was Her Honorable Justice Miala Tranault. The fleet's nickname was the Crown Winds Fleet, spending most of its time in and around the Caspian system proper.

At the close of the Imperial War of Aggression, the remnants of the First Fleet were repaired and dispersed into the Home Fleet, Rimward Frontier Fleet, and Coreward Frontier Fleet.

Noteworthy Events Edit

Commencement Edit

When conflict descended upon Caspia in what has been now referenced as the Second Zealot War, most of the focus was placed on ...

The first manifest of the First Fleet counted twenty six warships, including:

    *CMS Redemption
    • CMS Ascension

Battle of Caspar Edit

Admiral Neumeier had his

At this time, the First Fleet was comprised of no less than forty warships, including:

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