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Caspian Design & Manufacturing Corporand (CDMC) is an engineering think-tank founded in 5 ABY to advance and enrich Caspian technological prowess. Its unique modus operandi allows Caspia to not only enjoy new and dynamic inventions, but constant, reliable improvement in existing aspects around the CDU.

The firm employs designers, engineers, and scientists from a broad range of backgrounds, covering everything from materials and structures to electronics and quantum physics. They are constantly reviewing existing technology and processes and trying to improve or diversify them. Typically, a liaison of the firm is contacted by either The Crest, an agent of the military, or some commercial representative and is propositioned with either a problem or a possible product. The entire think-tank is then called into action, and goes through an exhaustive process of research, development, design, and testing. During this process, they identify the most effective manufacturers or producers upon which to rely for the final production of the item, and even go so far as to coordinate between multiple manufacturers, if need be.

Some of their more dynamic, impacting works have been the ProThrust Gka-39 Ascension engine, the HOWL, the Aerotram Stabilization Package, an advanced LIDAR unit, Crysessium, Olumic Weave, and the SCREAM unit.

Outfitting Edit

The loss of NovaCom as a wholly-Caspia entity caused a minor upheaval in the Union market. A major producer of electronic components could no longer be relied upon, and CDMC was pressed to locate several smaller shops and factories around the Union to perform the role that NovaCom once held. Rigors were such that this time, CDMC would have to put their name on the product, just to vouch for its quality and marketability. Plans and projections were set up so that CDMC could transition their name off the products, back to their consultative role, within five years.

Not long after, Caspian Arms Manufacturing (CAM) went bankrupt and StarShield Armaments underwent an extensive, crippling audit, resulting in the loss of both companies as lucrative, productive sources for Union purposes. Faced with a backlog of orders and requests, CDMC stepped in and assumed responsibility for the production and sales of wares for the two beleaguered companies, and, to try and keep the books balanced, started selling them direct. Assurances were made that this was going to be a temporary solution, and weapons production and sales would once again be offered by a dedicated entity, but no set date was ever made.

Notable Staff Edit

CDMC was established around such innovative minds as Ryori Camm, Uhlers Domblebey, Orton Trissard, and M'dellis Osallis. Hixam Sidney's design team from Krittain was absorbed into the corporand. R'hakye was urged to commit to the effort by Togryyshyk of Shyykris and was a major force in the diversification of SubPro. Pilots such as Joshua Arands, Doron Rtufo, and Adam Shadow have acted as test pilots or field consultants at one time or another.

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