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Consolidated Air & Surface Engineering (CASE) is a mid-sized manufacturer of atmospheric craft and vehicles, such as airspeeders, swoops, and rollers. They are most well-known for the S-6c Akula swoop-bike and several other top-notch speederbike models.

The corporation was formed from the forced merger, or consolidation, of four financially unstable companies in late 4 ABY. The Imperial occupation during the years of Palpatine had stifled alot of Caspian industry, and any innovative work was on a very small scale. No one company really leapt to the forefront of manufacturing during this time, and when the Empire departed in 0 BBY, there was very little sense of direction for those companies that had lingered, or those that were just starting up. The new government's Commission of Commerce, in the interest of getting Caspian economy revitalized, as well as outfitting the military and government agencies with equipment in a prompt manner, bought out the debt that the four firms had amassed, and put them under one directive. The companies were a components fabricator, an engine performance tuning shop, a manufacturer of vehicles, and a manufacturer of aircraft.

As the Union expanded its services and capabilities, the demand for trans-atmospheric craft increased. SubPro was already backlogged with projects, and conceded that they were not the best resource for atmospheric technology. As such, CDMC acted as an intermediary, and got CASE working with Lokkai Starworks to start producing several new models of lifters, transports, and shuttles, all aptly designed and outfitted for true aerospace roles.

CASE's corporate headquarters is in Plaxton, Caspar, with fabrication and assembly plants in Anchorron, Caspar and Hammerton, Mergansar.

Products of CASE Edit

  • S-6c Akula swoopbike
  • S-3i Ocelot swoopbike
  • L-202 Hellhawk (with Lokkai Starworks)

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