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Alien snp bith
Homeworld: Clak'dor VII
System: Colu
Height: 1.5 – 1.75 meters
Skill Min. Max.
Dexterity 1D+0 3D+0
Knowledge 2D+0 5D+0
Mechanical 2D+0 5D+0
Perception 2D+0 5D+0
Strength 1D+0 2D+0
Technical 2D+0 5D+0

The Bith are bipdedal craniopeds - highly evolved humanoids with enlarged craniums. They have large, lidless black eyes, receding noses, and baggy epidermal folds beneath their jawlines. They hail from the world of Clak'dor VII in the Colu system of Mayagil Sector. Many have an affinity for music and arts — several became part of bands and symphonic outfits, with one such venture, the Modal Nodes playing in Outer Rim locations such as Tatooine.

Background Information Edit

The Bith have extremely advanced technology, including advanced biotechnology. Their reliance on technolgy has almost lead to their downfall in the past and the great biotech wars have beaten their technolgy down so much that isn't as superior as it was in the past. The major export for the Biths now is knowledge and most Biths in the galaxy retain the pacifism that has been a part of their people for millennia. Their intellect also makes Biths extremely good at plotting and without the structure of a large corporation, Biths are drawn to the more unsavoury aspects of the galaxy.

Bith's eyesight is highly developed for the closeup work of engine and other mechanical work. However, they are very nearsighted and can barely see beyond 3 feet. Biths avoid employment as pilots or swoop racers, and are severely handicapped if they do attempt such an undertaking.

Additional Sources Edit

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