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Battle of O'paal
Conflict: Moff Sekirol Crisis
Date: 14 ABY
Place: O'paal
Outcome: Imperial Victory

Emblem empire starburst
Galactic Empire

Emblem pcs towerdia
Principality of Chiarn


High Admiral Danik Kreldin

Moff Jorgen Sekirol


HIMS Conqueror
HIMS Broadsword

PCS Iron Will
PCS Vindictive
PCS Starshrike



PCS Starshrike

After the Imperial conquest of Barida, Moff Jorgen Sekirol executed a counter-strike against the Imperials. Deploying his fleet from Chiarn, the Principality fleet surprised the Empire by hitting the Imperial military center of O'paal.

Task Force Nebula was still at Barida, but due to the proximity of Barida to O'paal, were able to quickly move in to reinforce the O'paal Defense Fleet, after heavy damage had already been inflicted upon the Imperial fleet.

Principality commandos infiltrated Orbital Station Guardian, the Imperial Academy and military port, and fought their way through the station in an attempt to hijack the station and collapse its orbit into O'paal. The commandos were defeated, however, and Guardian spared from destruction.

Moff Sekirol, who was leading the battle, ordered a retreat after a several hour long engagement, which ultimately succeeded in doing nothing other than inflicting heavy casualties on the Principality fleet and merely stalling the invasion of Chiarn by several days.

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