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Avalyshaar Laarken
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Sarian (Eireasari)





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White (reddish Sar spots)

Political information

Starting out as a modest Sarian local, Avalyshaar Dusten (Laarken) began her adult life with a career as a chemicals, cargos, and wares expert for Fine Line Spaceways when it was but a meager endeavor consisting of two ships, as many pilots, and a whole lot of determination and gusto. It was within this organization that she met Ryan Cross, Lyr Dunwell, and a number of other people that would be integral in her future political career. She was also the sister of Keirena Dusten.

After the founding members of FLS found themselves moving on to new endevours, Avy pursued a career in medicine. By applying her already extensive knowledge of chemistry and biology, she graduated among the highest honored at Mergansar University, becoming a full, practicing Doctor at the Medical Center in Plaxton, which would ultimately become the Tarquin Memorial Hospital.

Her tenure at the hospital would be short but intregal to her life as it would unfold both politically and personally. After saving the life of the man who would ultimately become her husband, Kendell Laarken, at the wedding of a New Republic friend, Avy's interest in the political strains between systems grew. She took understudy with good friend and Presav Lyr Dunwell, serving in an unofficial role as Health & Human Services Aide. After several years of council and friendship, Presav Dunwell became terminally ill. The death of Lyr Dunwell, at her hospital and on her watch, affected Avy profoundly, and she found herself soul searching and finally taking a leave of absence from the medical profession. She submerged herself in the study of interplanetary relations, and after Togryyshyk of Shyykris, Presav Dunwell's Commissioner of Commerce & vice president, filled an interim term of service, Avy was surprised to find herself nominated and then elected into the seat of Caspia's presidency.

Her tenure as Caspia's Presav was rife with controversy and dilemma, including: a system-wide plague, the prosecution by and death of a Lyr Dunwell clone, a full invasion by the Imperial armies, and the mysterious disappearance and assumed death of her husband Kendell. Despite these instances, Avalyshaar's term in office is considered extraordinarily successful, and she is revered as one of Caspia's most popular & charismatic leaders. It was because of this above-average popularity that the assassination attempt on her life and her subsequent, long-term amnesia came as such a blow to the Caspian people.

After several years of rehabilitation and travel, Avalyshaar has settled into a quiet life back in Caspar's capital, where she can occationally be found exchanging memories and nostalgia at the SandBar with her old friend and longtime Plaxton fixture, the barista Ariani.

Presav of the Union
Preceded By:
6 ABY - 7 ABY
Avalyshaar Dusten
Succeeded By:
Kadgie Rodo

Presav of the Union
Preceded By:
Kadgie Rodo
8 ABY - 9 ABY
Avalyshaar Dusten
Succeeded By:
Salonika Batrad

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