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A former mining colony buried deep within an asteroid belt in open space, Asteroid Kappa was transformed into a smuggler's haven and underworld hub by the infamous Tyler McBride. Kappa provided a home for many criminals of the galaxy, along with a safe place to conduct less-then-legal business. Asteroid Kappa remained at its secluded location until the Empire attempted to destroy it and thwart the guerilla actions of McBride against their forces. Due to some ingenious modifications by the underlord, along with a gallant defence by the stations fleet and an attachment of New Republic bombers, the mighty asteroid was able to escape the clutches of the Empire and jump to a new home.

From that point on, Asteroid Kappa found itself relocating on numerous occasions as to stay in one place was inviting the Empire to use its spies and throw their full forces at the smugglers haven. This resulted in a rapid drop in business and legitimate visitors to the asteroid, resulting in McBride relocating his operations to a more mobile location, the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Kappa's Revenge.

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