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Arise Omondra
Human (Chandrilan)
1.3 meters
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New Republic

Arise Omondra (4 ABY—) is a recent graduate starting adulthood while surrounded by Galactic war.

Family History (2 ABY-4 ABY)Edit

While at university a couple years after the Rebel Alliance's victory at the Battle of Yavin, Anand Tarak, the reluctant son of a wealthy family on Chandrila, met Albi Omondra, a medical student. After a couple patient years of coaxing, and aided by an exuberant campus celebration when the Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor was announced, Albi persuaded Anand to "try something new," which resulted in a pregnancy. Albi, cool under pressure, happily thought the pregnancy was no big deal, but Anand got cold feet because he thought his father "would kill him" (he hadn't even told his family about the girlfriend yet). Anand promised Albi to always be her friend and to support the baby financially, and they went their separate ways. Arise Omondra was born on Chandrila the usual time later.

Early Childhood (5 ABY-13 ABY)Edit

When Albi Omondra occasionally left Chandrila for an assignment, Arise stayed with her maternal grandparents. During one such assignment, Albi was arrested on Coruscant when the Empire captured it (9 ABY). About a year later, Arise's grandparents contacted Anand. Concerned about Albi's disappearance, he immediately traveled to Albi's hometown, where he was reunited with his daughter and gradually assumed more of her care. Early on, Arise's father and grandparents decided that if she showed signs of being bright, they would raise her normally and teach her to be balanced.

Years the Sky Fell (14 ABY-15 ABY)Edit


When the Empire invaded Chandrila in the first month of 14 ABY, Anand (who had been a starfighter tech) helped evacuate wounded and some civilian family members from a military base being bombarded from space, becoming wounded himself in the process. The transport ship Hanna Star just barely made it through the early blockade. With her grandparents trapped on Chandrila and her father unconscious in Manarai Hospital on Coruscant, Arise became a ward of the state. She lived with other special-needs children in the Jedi Basilica on Coruscant, until it was destroyed in a mysterious attack at the end of 14 ABY. Arise and a couple of other non-Force sentitive wards of the Basilica were moved into New Republic Social Services with other children who could not be placed in foster care, for one reason or another.

Arise and her father were evacuated from Coruscant during the Empire invasion of 15 ABY. With the other child refugees from Coruscant, Arise drifted around among several different housing situations: on board the NRSD Reprisal; in the converted Gallofree transport Expedient 3, one of several ships used for temporary refugee housing in the Dac starport; in the Ord Ambassador hotel on Ord Mantell; and finally onboard the Wild Rose at the end of 15 ABY, a ship offered for this purpose by Senator-turned-Padawan Enb'Zik.

Roleplay LogsEdit

Futile Research - Runaway
Posted by Arise on February 25, 2006.
The Desolation of Cochran pushes Arise to run away from the New Republic Social Services. This incident spurs a meeting with a concerned Luke, when he suggests that Arise think of ideas to help the Republic and tell her teachers about them (log lost). Futile Research - Reading
Posted by Arise on April 23, 2006.
After her meeting with Luke, the girl is starting research into an idea when she meets Valkyr. Futile Research - Checking In
Posted by Arise on April 24, 2006.
Arise asks Luke about Valkyr, and mentions she had an idea. Futile Research - Reading 2
Posted by Arise on May 2, 2006.
Arise is continuing to research her idea when she meets Kyrin.

Futile Research - Reading 3
Posted by Arise on May 11, 2006.
Arise is continuing to research her idea when she meets Evir. Retribution - Evacuation of the Orphans
Posted by Arise on July 19, 2006.
During the evacuation of orphans from Coruscant, Arise keeps herself occupied with her research while NR personnel have to deal with an Ewok who thinks the kids are being kidnapped. Futile Research - Presentation
Posted by Arise on August 11, 2006.
Arise gives her datapad of notes regarding future locations for the Jedi and the New Republic to Luke. Futile Research - Arrival
Posted by Arise on September 26, 2006.
A disappointed and nervous Arise arrives at the Ord Mantell military depot.

Acquaintances: Rasi Cen, Ikihsa Enb'Zik, Aramis Tyrese

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