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Born on Imperial Coruscant but raised on the liberated Calamari, Altair Quila has strong ties to the New Republic. Her parents, members of the Rebellion, moved to Calamari when they felt that Coruscant had become too dangerous.

When she grew old enough, Altair attended the Corellian University and majored in astrophysics. Upon graduation, she decided to follow in her parents' footsteps and joined the military. She decided to be a pilot, despite her less than natural talent for flying.

With a lot of hard work, she managed to graduate from the Flight Academy. In neither the top nor the bottom of the class, she fell somewhere in the middle of skill levels. Assigned to the NRSC Deliverance, she was put in Ghost Squadron as a logistics officer. One of her main duties aboard the starcruiser was to train new flight officers.

As a result, she spent long hours in the sims flying against the new cadets fresh from the academy. They kept her up to speed on the newest tactics being taught, and the practice time improved her flying, catching her up to, and in many cases surpassing, the myriad of classmates whose piloting skills were better than hers. With the improvement in her flight skills, along with the many friendships she had forged with the pilots she had helped to train, Altair has worked her way up to CO of Ghost Squadron.

During her time in the military, Altair has traveled around the galaxy quite a bit and met many interesting people. She has been seen all over New Republic space, as well as trips to Caspia and Nar Shaddaa. Some have even claimed to have seen her on Bonadan at some point. She seems to have many friends and has been seen in company as widely varied as businessmen, like Troy McTavish, to the mysterious Morganna Tazecks, who seems to delight in following the girl around. Overall, Altair is loyal to those she considers friends, stubborn in her beliefs, and does what she feels is right.

After serving in Ghost Squadron for some time, Altair retired from active service in 8 ABY.

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