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Aleister Vadim is the enigmatic and powerful leader of the Galactic Empire. There exist no records on Vadim and his role before assuming the throne is shrouded in mystery; what is known amongst the highest echelons of the Empire is that Vadim hails from the war-torn cluster of Vadimus, which he had conquered at an unknown point in history.

Vadim is a powerful practitioner of the dark side of the Force, although he is not a Sith in the classical sense of the term. Vadim used his powers to secure the throne for himself, first by corrupting Tyler Damion and morphing the man into his apprentice; he then used Damion, or Darth Malign, to take control of the Empire from Darth Malus.

With Malign as his proxy, Vadim ruled the Empire from the shadows, biding his time. At one point in 14 ABY he corrupted Jedi Johanna Siri te Danaan and fought Aurejin via proxy, alerting the Jedi Order to his presence. With the conclusion of the Sixth Battle of Coruscant, Vadim publicly revealed himself to the galaxy, issuing his infamous address that set off a chain of events within the Empire, culminating in an attempted coup led by Grand Admiral Danik Kreldin. The coup was put down and Vadim's hold secured, but Vadim withdrew further into the shadows, leaving the handling of the Empire and the war-effort to Vassily Korolov; Vadim has yet to make any further addresses or public appearances.

Although unsubstantiated, rumors that Vadim is non-human circulated during the attempted coup, backed up by comments in his public address and assertions made by Kreldin. These rumors were immediately combated by Imperial authorities as treasonous lies.

Galactic Emperor
Preceded By:
Lorn Rhys
13 ABY - present
Aleister Vadim
Succeeded By:

OOC Notes Edit

Faction responsibilities and duties belong completely to the Imperial Faction Head. Vadim is the persistent leader of the Empire in an IC NPC sense only. His article will receive further attention once Vadim is ICly revealed to the galaxy.

Aleister Vadim is a Non-Player Character, for storyline use only.

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