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Aeria Engineering Corporation (AEC) was a starwright and starship component manufacturer operating in the Mid-Rim between 4 ABY and 14 ABY.

The Griffon Alliance, after becoming established, saw it in their own best interests to sponsor a local shipyard to produce their military craft. Upon this basis, AEC Shipyards was formed.

Rather than focusing on resource-draining capital ship production, AEC Shipyards focused on designing and building smaller and more versatile craft, and developed several designs which were testament to maneuverability and affordability. Their Ray-class starfighters took on an organic appearance, with the aeMk.7 Mantaray space superiority fighter and the arMk.13 Stingray attack craft chief among the noteworthy lineup. Their cargo and transport vessels were purposeful, but didn't garner much attention in galactic markets due to their small size and low-quality construction tolerances. The designers of these vessels were so focused on making them modular that parts would frequently shake themselves loose under stress loads.

The shipyards were located on Pride-1. Following the destruction of the station, AEC was left without a primary production facility and suffered a massive market shortfall. Survivors of the company tried to replant a facility in Montiux, but never achieved the same levels of supply and production they once had. The fall of Montiux to the Empire a few years later put AEC out of commission once and for all.

Products Edit

See AEC Ships for a list of ships produced by AEC.

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