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Mutiny Aboard the Admiral Canis
Conflict: War of the Throne
Date: 12 ABY
Place: Aboard HIMS Admiral Canis
Outcome: Whitecoat victory

Emblem empire whiteburst
Galactic Empire, Whitecoats

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Neo-Imperial Movement


Commander Sayth Farklar

Admiral Danik Kreldin


Whitecoat Stormtroopers

Crew of Admiral Canis




With the War of the Throne in full swing, Admiral Danik Kreldin, famous Imperial ace and commander, had found himself in a precarious position. Intrinsically loyal to the office of the Emperor, he had nonetheless been forced to profess allegiance to the forces of Lorn Rhys, who had cornered Kreldin with an audacious move just prior to the Battle of Selene.

Shadowed by either a COMPNOR or ISB agent since that moment, Kreldin had no opportunity to contact Emperor Osbourne or the Loyalist forces. Left with little choice, the famous Imperial Admiral kept up a reserved appearance, only directing forces when necessary, and trying to keep casualties to a minimum. The shocking outcome at Selene did not sit well with Kreldin, and he began entertaining ideas on how to split from the Whitecoats. After the Battle of Dreven, Kreldin decided to stop siding with the Whitecoat forces and engineered an opportunity for his departure.

Aboard the HIMS Admiral Canis, a small Imperial corvette that had been the mothership to Kreldin's vaunted Black Stars for the past few years and whose crew was quite familiar and loyal to the Imperial Admiral, Kreldin organized several of the veteren crew members, officers, and a few Naval Troopers into a reprisal. The event unraveled over Selene while Admiral Canis was on a suppression patrol.

With the crew behind him, Kreldin first attempted to eliminate the corvette's Whitecoat stormtrooper complement by luring them into the hangar bay and then locking them in and spacing the lot of them. His plot was foiled, however, by his "shadow" — the COMPNOR agent, Commander Sayth Farklar (who Kreldin refers to as "The Rat" to this day). Spared their vaccuous doom, the stormtroopers squared off against what few Naval Troopers and crewmembers were armed, and mauled them badly.

Kreldin himself was wounded, and his fellow mutineers suffered heavy casualties — with more than half of his team dead, Kreldin limped to the hangar of the Canis admist the fight (and at the insistence of Canis's captain) and escaped aboard a cargo shuttle with a few other survivors, destined to regroup with the rest of the Neo-Imperial Movement.

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