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IC History Edit

He was an operative for Black Sun, but was assassinated by Gimel Daleth after breaking ties with the organization.

Description Edit

This Sullustan stands, with boots and all, 1.3 meters from the ground. His ears resemble those of a mouse, however being much larger then a mouse's and even a bit larger than the normal Sullustan. His eyes are large and a bright shade of orange, surrounding a pitch black pupil. His eyes are usually half shut, as he giggles alot, and only reveal half of them. It's almost as if his chin spearates from the rest of the face, being slightly indented and not moving his cheeks when he talks. Overall, he looks like a little mouse-like humanoid.

Latest Fashion Edit

He is wearing clothing that would seem odd were he just out on the street. It is made of bright white cloth that sits loose on his skin. The pants cut off just short of the ankles and white socks cover the rest. The collared shirt he wears sticks close to the pant line and hugs his forearms. A navy blue bandana wraps around the collar and widens as it moves down the opening of the shirt. The two ends finally cross and are held together by a black strip, leaving a short tail on each end. Placed upon his head is a white sailor hat. In short, he is wearing a sailor outfit.

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