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Item rifle a280

One of the beloved weapons of the Rebellion, the BlasTech A280 heavy blaster rifle is almost as infamous as the ubiquitous E-11. Its rate of fire is a little slower than most military blaster rifles, meaning that it's probably not the best choice for the 'spray and pray' approach. What it has going for it, though, is range, accuracy, and all-round ruggednes. But the most outstanding trait is its power; it's reputed to be the best armor-piercing battle rifle in the galaxy. The sledgehammer of rifles, the A280 packs an enormous punch into a superbly constructed frame. Army camp stories told of A280's blowing Stormtroopers in half.

The two most devastating features of this weapon are the integrated widevision rangefinder and the galvan circuitry overcharger. The rangefinder dramatically increased accuracy, while the overcharger put a bit of added punch to each shot. The Alliance received a few hundred of these rifles from a smuggler, and then, at the prompting of its soldiers, made every effort to acquire more of them in raids and underhanded deals. Because of its atypical machinations, the Empire never standardized the weapon for mass production, nor awarded a secure contract to BlasTech for it. As such, in the early days of the Republic, the armories of the New Republic made every effort to buy up entire stocks of this rifle to equip the reborn Army of the Republic.

Name................Blastech A280
Weapon Type.........Blaster Rifle            Weight..............6.5kg
Damage Type.........Energy                   Stun Setting........Yes
Accuracy............0D+2 Bonus               Damage..............5D+2
Conceal Difficulty..25                       Two-Handed..........Yes

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